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Headmaster’s Message

At Selwyn House, our objective is to prepare boys to lead balanced and productive personal and professional lives. We know boys. Their potential, energy, dedication and passion are all celebrated. At Selwyn House we take advantage of being able to focus on best practice for boys.

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What Others Say About Us

William Rossy

“Every day, we get to come to this school and be greeted with warmth and comfort. During my twelve years here at Selwyn, I have never encountered a day where coming to school was an issue, and this is all thanks to an unbelievable staff core and student community. They make you want to be here, and we love it.”

William Rossyrecent graduate
Joyce McCauley

“We’ve experienced that each boy is known and loved. The school understands the importance of physical activity for boys, and it provides immediate assistance by committed teachers and staff regarding any issue that may arise. Our son has flourished at the school. His confidence, his ability to express himself, his pride in himself and the school…it has been wonderful watching how he has grown and matured.”

Joyce McCauleymother of Grade 4 student
Kelly Tonkin

“Every year I have the opportunity to work with a group of dynamic, intelligent and curious boys. We have so much fun learning, creating, exploring, and playing together. Watching the boys develop their social, emotional and academic skills is extremely rewarding. I am always so proud of the group that graduates Kindergarten each June!”

Kelly TonkinKindergarten teacher
Dylan Merovitz

“What I like about Selwyn House is how our athletics program is. Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis, we learn more about each sport. There is also an amazing leadership program. We have opportunities to step up as leaders in events such as Open House, House Heads, Prefects, etc.”

Dylan MerovitzGrade 8 student